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Audi Service Near Westmont

Looking for Audi service near you in the Westmont, Chicago, Elmherst, and Naperville areas? At Audi Westmont, we make servicing your Audi an easy, convenient, and worry-free process. Our highly-trained service technicians use only Audi factory tools and OEM parts engineered to work exclusively with your vehicle.

So whether you're coming in for scheduled maintenance, warranty work, or more extensive repairs, you can feel confident knowing your Audi will be in the hands of our expert technicians. Schedule a service appointment today and experience a whole new level of vehicle maintenance.

Audi Westmont Service Center Amenities

Servicing your Audi should no longer be a chore. Audi Westmont wants to make your service experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. To get started you can schedule your appointment online or by phone, whichever works best for you. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our professional advisors. While your vehicle is being tended to, you have three options. First, you may simply enjoy our premium waiting area which features:

  • Free snacks and beverages in our quattro Café
  • Free Wifi and outlets to charge your electronic devices
  • Quiet and comfortable lounge seating with a TV and magazines
  • Audi accessories and gear for sale

If your vehicle needs a more extensive service, or you need to be somewhere else, we can arrange a loaner vehicle, until your vehicle is ready. Need to get back to the home or office and don't want to fuss with a loaner? Audi Westmont will arrange and cover the cost of an Uber, at no charge to you. At Audi Westmont we value you as a customer by providing three great options while your vehicle is being serviced.


Audi Westmont

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  • Sunday Closed
  1. Audi Westmont

    276 E. Ogden Avenue
    Westmont, IL 60559

    • Sales: (630)537-0310
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Audi Repair and Maintenance

Looking for a trusted Audi repair and maintenance specialist near you in Westmont, IL? Our service center offers a wide range of Audi repair services. Proper vehicle maintenance is a critical part in prolonging the life of your vehicle. That's why we are here to help. Some of our most popular services include:

Oil Change

Changing the oil in your Audi is a necessary step in maintaining your engine's reliability and performance. Benefits of an oil change extend beyond just cleaning the gunk out of your motor. The oil in your engine provides many benefits, including:

  • Lubricates the metal parts of the engine
  • Helps to cool the engine down
  • Collects and removes engine sludge and small particles

Performing an oil and filter change is the easiest way to maintain the long-term health of your Audi. We suggest checking your owners manual for the manufacturer recommended oil change schedule. Bringing your Audi in for an oil change as a part of a regular maintenance routine will keep it running smoothly, and ensure it remains part of your family for many years to come. Performing an oil change on a regular basis can save you lots of money down the road, and also give you an opportunity to see if your tires need to be rotated or if your brakes need service.

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Brake Repair

The brake pads on your Audi will wear out over time, so replacing them is a necessity. Many factors can affect their lifespan and the frequency in which you will need to replace them.

The lifespan of your brakes depends significantly on the type of vehicle you are driving. For example, the brakes found in a performance-oriented sports car might have more stopping power but may wear out sooner than those found in a more economical sedan. Another significant factor in your brakes longevity is your driving habits. If you frequently brake hard and stop abruptly, this will cause your brakes to wear out more quickly. The type of driving you are doing will affect your brakes as well. Lots of stop-and-go city driving or heavy braking at a track will reduce your brakes lifespan. Lastly, the material and hardness of your brake pads (which often correlates with the type of vehicle) will also affect how long they last.

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Tire Rotation

Tires need to be rotated to even tire wear front-to-back and side-to-side. When you drive, your tires wear in a certain way depending on which side of the car they are on, the roads you're driving on, and the weather you drive in. Tire rotation helps even out the wear on the tires, making them last longer and keeping you safer on the road.

It's important to rotate the tires even if they are not showing signs of wear, as the changes might be too small to notice with just your eyes. Also, when rotating your tires, the technicians can check the tires for any improper inflation issues or other major concerns.

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Change Tires

Many drivers who'd never consider skipping a basic service like an oil change often overlook their tires. But tires play a crucial role in your car's performance and safety.

Systems like traction control and anti-lock brakes rely on your tires, as they're the only part of your car that touches the road! And since your local Audi dealer is committed to keeping your car safe, reliable, and performing at it's best, our highly trained technicians always stress the importance of properly maintaining your tires.

Because if the weather turns rotten, you hit some rocky road, or you're just out carving corners on a Sunday drive, you'll appreciate the peace of mind a fresh set of rubber inspires. After all, when you're replacing your tires, you're ensuring your vehicle's ride, handling traction, and safety.

Tire Store

Free Pit Stops

Taking care of the little things goes a long way. Come in anytime for our free vehicle pit stops. We will fill and adjust tires to their proper settings, as well as top off all the essential fluids, including oil, power steering, transmission, coolant, and even windshield washer. Stop by our service center location for this service. It's free, quick, and convenient. Keeping your car in prime condition helps to increase the longevity of its life, and makes sure that you are in good hands whenever you're on the road. Even you don't know when the last time you stopped in at a service center was, give us a call or a spontaneous visit. Our Service Center is here for you, with free vehicle pit stops.

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Audi Service Center Near Me

Not sure what kind of service your Audi needs? Our team will answer any questions you may have, and determine what kind of service is best for you. Thanks to our advanced database, we'll always be able to access your vehicle's complete repair history to help make accurate decisions on what is needed next. Give us a call at (630)537-0310 to speak with one of our knowledgeable service advisors! We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to superior customer service.

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